Main activities

JSC “Murmansk Shipping Company” is one of the largest shipping company which carries out the major part of shipments under the Russian flag in Russian sector of the Arctic.

The company is a leader in oil transportation and transshipment and develops the following activities: exploration works, transport and hydro installation building.

The company’s key services are:

  1.            Besides   JSCMurmansk Shipping Companyprovides educational, consulting and other services.

JSC “Murmansk Shipping Company” – is a highly integrated corporation including the fleet of two companies: JSC “Murmansk Shipping Company”, JSC “Northern Shipping Company”.

JSC “ Murmansk Shipping Company” plays a key role in cargo transportation to the Arctic Russia carrying out up to 80% of cargo transportation via the Northern Sea Route.



15, Kominterna str., Murmansk, Russia, 183038. 


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