From the history of Murmansk Shipping Company 

The Arctic has always attracted people by its vast expanse and unexplored treasures. Many centuries the only transport to get to the Murmansk coast was the sea transport.  After the Kola Peninsula turned into a large industrial area it became necessary to have its own cargo fleet, registered in Murmansk.

Murmansk State Dry-cargo and Passenger Shipping Company, founded in 1939 (in 1967 renamed to Murmansk Shipping Company), was specialized in arctic transportation. Basically, its fleet included bulk and passenger cargo carriers transferred from Northern and Baltic Shipping Companies. In 1940 there were 37 vessels in Murmansk shipping Company with their total deadweight was 112,200 tons.

Murmansk Shipping Company added several glorious pages to the history of the Soviet and Russian navigation. The Company’s vessels took an active part in allied escort voyages during the World War II. The company contributed a lot to the Russian fleet development in post-war period when steamer vessels were replaced with diesel-electric and nuclear ones. At the time when Murmansk Shipping Company was a state enterprise, the government focused its attention mainly on renewal of its fleet.

Building of several series of ice class cargo vessels and powerful diesel-electric icebreakers of different types and nuclear icebreakers of three generations as well as the nuclear-powered lighter carrier "Sevmorput" let to increase the efficiency of transportations in the Arctic and to ensure stability and security of shippings in the severe northern conditions.

Among the significant historical event of the Arctic zone development the following ones should be mentioned: in 1977 it was the first time when the nuclear icebreaker "Arktika" reached the North Pole. In 1978 navigation in western regions of Russian Arctic became all year-round. In 1983 and 1994 in eastern arctic region outstanding rescue operations were performed by the carriers of the company’s transport fleet. From 1993 till 2007 the company carried out regular international passenger's voyages to the North Pole on board nuclear icebreakers.

In 1993 Murmansk Shipping Company was reorganized into Joint Stock Company.

Today JSC "Murmansk Shipping Company" is a highly integrated corporate structure, which carries out major part of cargo transportation with vessels sailing under the Russian flag. It includes fleet of two shipping companies: JSC "Murmansk Shipping Company", JSC "Northern Shipping Company" .

Murmansk Shipping Company is the leader in arctic shippings. The company develops new activities connected with oil transportation and transshipment, exploration works, transport and hydro installation building.