HR management system

HR system is set up to provide the Company with highly skilled personnel in sphere of ship and onshore facilities management and operation. Our priority is to keep and accumulate the human capital, to ensure high level of up-to day professional skills based on back experience and constant development of occupational, personal and management knowledge.

Main goals of HR Policy of the company are:

  • To build up high-skilled, reliable and loyal teams on ships, in all departments and divisions of the company, eager to make their best for the sake of the Company's prosperity;

  • To provide each employee with equal opportunities for realizing his/her abilities both as a professional and as a person, keeping to the principles of justice and social care;

  • To ensure maximum objective and reasonable evaluation of the staff;

  • To keep rewards and benefits system for high-skilled personnel;

  • To provide occupational and social support for the employees in the full compliance with national and internal regulations and instructions as well as with the Collective agreement between JSC «Murmansk Shipping Company» and its staff;

  • To develop professional and personal resources according to the Company's interests.

The HR management system issues are annually revised according to changes:

  • In the external environment: competition, new labour legislation  requirements, situation at the  labour market, trade unions’ influence;

  • In the internal environment: economic activity demands, strategy and current financial opportunities of the company, the present level of HR expenses; quantity and qualification level of the personnel.

HR main concepts:

  • Planning and complex approach;

  • Efficiency;

  • Flexible management system;

  • Equal opportunities;

  • Fair remuneration;

  • Social care of the personnel;

  • Corporate culture and sociability;

  • Awareness of all the participants;

  • Feedback: company- employee - company.