Occupational health care management system

The occupational health care management system of the Murmansk Shipping Company is focused on measures to prevent any harm to the health, injures or occupational diseases of its employees in all activities of the company.

The Murmansk Shipping Company declares a continuous reduction of occupational safety and health risks as it is expected from the parties involved.

The Company strictly follows the applicable international and national regulations concerning safe and healthy working environment.

The Company has the following objectives in the sphere of occupational safety and health care:

  • Implementing the basic issues of the state policy in the sphere of occupational safety and health care;

  • Creating safe working environment;

  • Preventing and reducing occupational diseases and injuries.

The Company intends to reach these objectives through:

  • Maintaining and following up all the occupational safety and health care requirements;

  • Planning occupational safety and health care issues at the very beginning of any forthcoming activity and at all levels;

  • Accident and risks prevention planning  during cargo transportation and other activities;

  • Involving a wide range of employees into active occupational safety process at their workplaces, prevention of risks, incidents and accidents at work;

  • Improving the occupational safety system of the company, to perfect and support the Company's efficient occupational safety management system.

The management of the company is responsible for implementation of the environmental issues.