Conversion of vessels type «M.Strekalovskiy».

To improve competitiveness, economical and operational results of the vessels type «M.Strekalovskiy»  Murmansk Shipping Company carried out conversion and enlarged cargo capacity for bulk cargoes.

The conversion of the vessels of this type included:

  • Installation of the bilge keels of the box type as antiroll stabilizers;

  • cargo cranes demounting;

  • extension of the vessel for an additional cargo hold;

  • hull renovation procedure for 2 SS level;

  • change the work of the main engine, auxiliary engine and auxiliary boilers for the heavy fuel oil not less than 380 cSt  at 50оС.

The vessel class after conversion is РМРС KM (STAR) ARC 4 [1] AUT 2 BULK CARRIER (ESP).