Auxiliary fleet

auxiliary-fleet 1Joint Stock Company «Murmansk shipping company» has an opportunity to use its own transport resources to build and maintain hydraulic facilities within the port area and outside it.The auxiliary fleet of the company includes floating cranes of the lifting capacity of 16 tons, 35 tons, 100 tons and a floating pile driver. The available floating cranes are used for transshipment of a wide range of cargo with different weight and volume.

auxiliary-fleet 2The floating cranes SPK 14/16 and SPK 21/35 are universal floating lifting devices used for both handling of general cargo and handling of bulk cargo with grabs.

SPK 21/35 has got an extended boom and can be operated in slow-rate mode that allows using the floating crane in unique projects of industrial facilities construction and also in assembling and installing of the industrial equipment ashore and in the port water area.

Joint Stock Company «Murmansk shipping company» offers floating cranes SPK 14/16 (lifting capacity-16 tons) and SPK 21/35 (lifting capacity-35 tons) working in grab modes for dredging operations. The choice of scoop grab  and multi jaw grab allows to adapt dredging operations in accordance with geological structure of the bottom.

Joint Stock Company «Murmansk shipping company» possesses vibrating pile drivers. To operate a vibrating pile driver it is possible to use floating crane SPК21/35 as it has a greater hook lifting capacity and extended radius. To operate a heavy vibrating pile driver the floating crane PK76 (lifting capacity of 100 tons) can be used.

auxiliary-fleet 3For heavyweight handlings it is possible to use of PK300 (lifting capacity 100 tons). The deck of the crane can be used for stowing cargo up to 200 tons.

For port and hydraulic facilities construction works JSC «Murmansk shipping company» offers services of a floating pile driver PK300 (HITACHI).This is the only sample of unique Japanese equipment available in the Northwest sea area of Russian Federation. The floating pile driver can be used for different types of piles and metal sheet pilings in complete with hydraulic hammer and vibrating pile driver. On board PK300 is a self-contained crane with lifting capacity 45 tons.

Our customers can get the equipment of the auxiliary fleet within an ordered service or on rent conditions. For successful solutions of different tasks all units of auxiliary fleet of JSC «Murmansk shipping company» are staffed with experienced crews.

Shore facilities and ancillary fleet operations department

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